Grow Together

A beautiful brand celebrating motherhood

Grow Together is a community space where authentic motherhood can bloom, as well as a boutique full of specialty items for mother and baby.

Grow Together’s founder Lisa Vance is a powerful mix of creativity, compassion, and business acumen. She has her master’s degree in nursing and she is a certified nurse midwife. After years in the medical field helping women (even opening her own prenatal care and baby delivery business), she started Grow Together to continue educating and empowering women.

We partnered with Lisa to bring her vision for a brand and logo to life.

Tara and Lisa are highschool friends and college roommates. They have been cheering each other on through life changes and career moves since the 90s. So basically, Lisa’s new company has Tara all, “you go, girl!” and Lisa thinks Goodness is all that and a bag of chips. Ok, ok… we’ll stop the 90s references. We’ll Cut. It. Out.


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